Our Design Understanding

The design understanding of Herevin that is a designer mark has been established on differentiates. Herevin that is always leader of innovations is in the position determining the fashion and trends in its product group. There is understanding and our method difference at the rear plan of our being leader. 

We develop our products in our style through using 3 different methods; 

1- To produce new products according to consumer needs and requests,
2- To create request through producing new products that are not thought by consumers before,
3- To develop current product groups,

We design our products that reach to consumers from 5 continents considering market habits of countries. Because, while Herevin is applying global strategy, adopts design understanding that thinks needs of every countries at the same time. 

Also the products varies considering various habits different pleasures, styles, fashion, colors in each market. 

There is a strong design understanding, system and team at the back of Herevin’s products being always different and always new.