About Us

The workplace, established by İ. Halil Solmazer in 1957 and engaged in the business of glassware, Şişecam and market products business, was later on participated by Asım SOLMAZ. Production of glass was commenced in 1964 and 1964, and it continued up to 1979 as a family company. 

From 1980 onward, however, the company, which is engaged in the sales of glassware products to the Wholesalers and Retailers and has drawn pattern on some of its products sold, opened its retail sales point. 

Within the time elapsed, it is planned that relevant market share and consequent profit may be obtained by selling products specific to the company only by a strategy that might determine the future of the company and its brand identity in subsequent years and for this purpose, it has been decided to make new expansions in this respect. 

For this purpose, cam gıda that was at reasonable prices in 1992 has opened its doors to a more expensive glassware product and has decided to make a renewal. The plastics that were the main field of engagement of one of the partners were subcontracted and it started to produce and sell products with full company-specific plastic accessories. The company, titled as Solmaz Mercan, was established in 1994. 

The company that had limited number of varieties of products and scored small amount of turnovers at the commencement has developed swiftly. The products of the company were exported to Philippines and Greece for the first time in 1996. Then, the company, titled as Ataklar Dış Tic.San. ve Tic.Ltd., was established in 1997. Afterwards, Solmaz Mercan took part in major exhibitions of the sector in order to open up itself to the international markets and become a leading brand at foreign markets. Then, a complementary plastic production plant was established in the same periods in order to solve the quality, stability and capacity problems for the provision of plastic. 

Subsequently, Solmaz Mercan Company has become a firm exporting its products to more than 65 countries, providing conditions for ISO-9001 quality management system, considering the principle of permanent development, providing its team with authority and responsibility, working with the consultants and designers, giving importance to a teamwork, effectuating its plastic and wood production as well as relevant molds and mechanical design within its own structure, being well-known both in internal and external markets at the sector and having a brand, of which models are imitated in domestic market and 7 separate countries. 

Following the decision in 2006 by the partners of the Company to apply different strategies, Murat Solmazer has established the firm, SOLMAZER Ltd. Company and continues to conduct its operations for development at the sector. 

Our Brands

SOLMAZER has developed two brands reflecting the knowledge and experience of kitchen and food culture of 50 years and containing different design identities in order to meet the expectations of understanding for different life styles: HEREVIN and MayaMos. 


Production Capacity

Our company that considers the customer satisfaction in the first place from the very beginning of its establishment and increases its capacity every year is a firm exporting its products to 73 countries in 5 continents and very well-known in its sector both domestic and international respect.

Our Principles

SOLMAZER Ltd., during its business activity, keeps conducting such activities as an enterprise that tries to operate only within the framework of its own sources, and in the meantime, to be planned, strong, self-possessive and decisive as a principle without use of any loan and not affected by any economical crises of our country and has a clean record at banks and other relevant financial institutions.

Solmazer Ltd. that is engaged in manufacturing products in accordance with the quality standards and food theme shall continue to be a brand using the best technologies, bringing activity and renewals to the field of kitchen and table wares with its technical team and institutional structure.